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Made to Fit

One of a Kind, Slim Bottle Design
Woman in Orange Coat. Sunglasses. Street Fashion. Woman in a coat wearing a Bottega Venetta Pleated Cassette Bag, sunglasses. Model off duty outfir inspiration
Neue is made for life on the go. Bottle in Car Seat Pocket. Slim Flat Bottle. Slim Bottle, easy to carry. Bottle in Car with Laptop

Made for Your Life on-the-go

Why isn’t there bottled water that’s been made to actually fit in handbags or crossbody bags? Or despite billions of people traveling every year, why isn't there bottled water that easily fits into the seatback storage on a train or plane? (if you have long legs you will know what we mean). Or how about a bottle that can slip into a jean back-pocket? Well, we wanted to change things.

Made for Your Pocket or Small Bags

Made for Your Pocket or Small Bags

NEUE Water has been intentionally designed to fit comfortably in all those things. Being avid travelers and lovers of fashion ourselves, we wanted to offer a stylish and functional alternative to standard bottled water. We also invested to ensure every bottle was made out of 100% recycled plastic so that you can hydrate consciously with NEUE.