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Our Story

NEUE is made from recycled material and is 100% recyclable. Recycled Plastic is an important part of the circular economy
Neue water helps stay on the go. Valentino Bag and heels. Street style

It was when consulting for a luxury fashion brand that our founder Michael, noticed a problem for the fabulous woman visiting the atelier studio. The bottled water on offer didn't fit their handbag. Looking further he noticed that nothing on the market does, and that is where the idea for NEUE Water was born.

Now he's on a mission to change that by creating a better way to stay hydrated. Stylish and sustainable, that fits with how we live today.

To do that we focused on:

Better Design

Creating a functional bottle that slips nicely into a small cross-body bag, jean back pocket, or even the seat-back storage on a train or plane.

Better Sustainability

We take great pride in being one of the world's few premium bottled water brands to exclusively use 100% recycled plastic for our bottles so that you can hydrate consciously.

A Beautiful Product

Something to complement your style. We've collaborated with artists to design a range of limited edition labels that will continue to change style around the fashion seasons, just like you do. 

This is what bottled water looks like in the future.
Europe's only Black-owned bottled water brand, welcome to NEUE.