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What is the recycled content of a NEUE Water bottle?

Our bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic. Always have and always will.

Where are the best places to recycle in the UK

Recycle Now off a great local recycling locator, you can find it here: Please remember to always recycle your NEUE Water bottle after use, and any recyclable product for that matter.

Does 100% recycled plastic have a lower carbon footprint than aluminum cans or glass bottles?

Yes, which is why we choose the material. Thanks to no need for raw materials, 100% recycled plastic has up to 5 times fewer carbon emissions than PET plastic, up to 10 times fewer than aluminum cans and up to 20 times few carbon emissions than glass bottles. Be it NEUE Water or another brand, always look to make sure its 100% recycled plastic

Where is the water from?

Our artesian natural mineral water is bottled at source in Denmark. Rated the cleanest country on earth by the World Economic Forum.

Where can I buy NEUE Water?

You can buy directly from the webstore and for subscriptions you will receive 20% off. From details on our ever-growing list of retailers, email us at for details.

Are NEUE Water bottles 100% recyclable, including the label and cap?

Yes, we're happy to say the cap, bottle, and label are all 100% recyclable. We’re on the lookout for labels made from 100% recycled plastic. If you know of any, do let us know.

Will the label designs change over time?

Yes, our artist designed labels will change throughout the year, so collect your favorite ones before they go!

Can I buy prints of the label artwork?

Yes, for all inquiries please contact

What about reusable bottles, aren't they the best choice?

Yes, reusable bottles are fantastic, and unlike other companies we recommend you use them whenever you can. For those times your not able to though, there's no better option than a 100% recycled bottle such as NEUE Water.